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Whelping Box For Dogs

Whelping Boxes When it comes to a whelping box for dogs, there are many types of set ups that you can use for whelping puppies. Some people use plastic kiddie pools with blankets or whelping pads. Some breeders make their own whelping boxes out of wood and some just use a playpen and blankets. As a breeder, I have tried them all. Each one has its own pros and cons. The plastic kiddie pool works for a couple of weeks, as a whelping box for dogs, depending on the size of the breed. Large/giant breeds can only work for 2-3 weeks before the pups are big enough to crawl over the edge. This also depends on the size of the litter. Also-and this is a big one-there is no way to install a pig rail that is sturdy. My three favorite things, about the kiddie pool for whelping: inexpensive, easy to move when not in use, and easy to clean. The picture below is one representation of the platic kiddie pool being used as a whelping box. As you can see, the pig rails are not as stable as they would be in other types of whelping boxes. In case you were not aware, pig rails serve the purpose of a place for newborns to go under to avoid being accidently stepped on, sat on, or layed on by their dam. Image result for kiddie pool whelping box When it comes to a whelping box for dogs, you can always make your own. Homemade wood whelping boxes can last a long-time but, in my opinion, are not a good option for when the pups start chewing. They are also a lot more difficult to clean and sanitize. Another downfall to wood boxes is that they are harder to move and store so you will likely have to leave them in place if you are expecting anymore litters. My favorite things about wood whelping boxes, the pig rails-if you add them! Image result for wooden whelping box As I stated earlier, we have tried several types. That is until we found the MagnaBox Whelping Box! The whelping box checks all the boxes for us. It is initially more expensive than they above options, but not in the long run! The MagnaBox is light weight, yet sturdy. It is extremely easy to clean and sanitize and has no cracks or crevices that can breed bacteria. This whelping box also comes with pig rails to help keep the newborns safe. It is extremely easy to take down and store. It is made to last. They sell a custom light stand (for heat source), a seat that fits in the corner for you, and what I love the most–an extension to the box so when the pups get bigger, you can feed them in that area or start the potty training! We have used it for 5 litters of large breed puppies, so far! The box comes in 5 sizes so it will work for all dog breeds. We bought ours from  

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