Pet Insurance and Why You need it!

Health insurance is very natural in today’s world, almost second nature for humans to have it. Without health insurance, we simply couldn’t afford to cover the cost of several forms of health care in our daily lives. In fact, our lives have become much easier with it! But what about our pets? That’s where Pet Insurance comes into play!

We often consider them part of our family, so why should pets be any different? Our pets may only be part of our world, but we are the entire world to them! They would do anything to keep us safe. Keep them happy, healthy, and return the favor! In this article, I’ll be going over Pet Insurance and why you need it! As well as our personal recommendations of the top 4 pet insurance along with the pros and cons of each!

Financial Benefits Of Pet Insurance

Imagine you glide through life, providing the average care for your pet. You gave him the regular vaccinations and occasional checkups.

All of a sudden, disaster strikes! Your precious little one needs a $5000 surgery, or he won’t survive. How will you ever afford that? If you had just invested in that insurance package, this would only cost a few hundred dollars.

Most of these pet insurance plans don’t just stop there! You’re either given options between several packages, depending on your preferences and income, or the plan covers discounts on everything (like Pet Assure).

Safety & Health

Health care, even for a pet, can be expensive. You’re able to cover basic treatments, but that is about it. Your budget simply doesn’t allow for more advanced treatments, better veterinary care, or emergencies.

With the pet insurance plans below, you’re provided countless healthcare options for your little one! Since cost is no longer a factor, you can give your pet the best health care money can buy. You’re always prepared in case of emergencies. You can even provide special dental care and unique grooming services!

Pet Insurance and Why You need it

Piece of Mind With Pet Insurance

Care for your lovable little family members stress-free, knowing you are always prepared for any unfortunate accident life throws your way! Does your pup need expensive dental surgery? Has he injured his knee or ankle? You might just have to see a specialist to get those taken care of.

Before they might have set you back thousands, but not now.

With any one of these quality pet insurance services, you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected problems life throws your way!

1. Petplan Pet Insurance

Not only do they cover basic exam fees with a basic savings of $50 – $250 per visit, but Petplan pet insurance also offers comprehensive dental coverage and takes care of both chronic and hereditary problems! Up to 90% of your total vet bills will be covered, you can save up to 30% over time and 10% by enrolling today.

There is no need to take our word for it; you can view the coverage offered here! If you’ve already made up your mind, you can get a simple pet insurance quote by visiting this page.

Pet Insurance and Why You need it

Covers up to 90% of vet bills

Keep current vet; no networks

$50-$250 savings

Boarding fees up to $1000

Save up to 30%

Covers pre-existing conditions with exceptions

2. Wagmo Pet Insurance

With Wagmo pet insurance, you can separate wellness coverage and pick only what you want! Pet owners can still get what they need while saving money at the same time.

Wagmo Pet insurance covers emergency care, illness, and injuries, or chronic medical conditions. Looking even deeper, this covers a wealth of medical aspects pertaining to your pet’s care.

Wellness coverage takes care of things like flea and ticks meds, grooming, and routine vaccine checkups for your pet. With three wellness plans to choose from, the coverage doesn’t stop there! Each wellness plan also offers reimbursement options annually.

Excepted at many vets nationwide

Separate wellness and insurance plans

Blog available

Not many statistics easily available

Won’t cover pre-existing conditions

Pet Insurance and Why You need it

3. Pet Assure Pet Insurance

With Pet Assure, there usually isn’t any deductible or waiting period! Each of the pet insurance providers makes signing up simple, but Pet Assure probably offers the easiest signup process of all.

Pet Assure covers ALL in-house medical treatments, so you will save no matter what. In fact, you can easily compare average prices to expected savings near the bottom of their home page. If you still aren’t convinced, you can view a complete list of coverage’s here, or watch their tutorial video.

There are no exclusions with Pet Assure, and any sort of animal (as long as it is a pet) can enroll! On top of that, any medical condition will apply, unlike many other insurance plans. Also unlike other insurance providers, Pet Assure will offer coverage for pre-existing conditions!

List of savings provided

All types of pets accepted

Every medical procedure covered

No claim denied

Lost pet recovery service available

Covers pre-existing conditions

I couldn’t find any cons

4. Pets Best Pet Insurance

You can save up to 90% of your vet bills with Pets Best, choosing from several plans. Specific to dogs and cats, Pets Best offers two separate wellness plans, as well as several different accidents and illness plans.

Pets Best was started by a veterinarian who already worked in the field, and has seen clients struggle to endure the costly medical care pets sometimes need. Pets Best pet insurance strives to offer affordable coverage for anything life might toss your way!

Wellness plans help you cover those routine visits every pet owner has to endure, while quality insurance plans give you the security and peace of mind you need to cope with the unexpected. Compare pet insurance providers here, or get started with a quote!

Covers up to 90%

Mobile assistance 24/7

Unlimited annual plans

Began by a knowledgeable veterinarian

Only cats & dogs accepted

Won’t cover pre-existing conditions

pet insurance, Pet Insurance and Why You need it!

Conclusion: Why You Need Pet Insurance

If you have a pet, there really is no reason not to invest in pet insurance. With services like Pet Assure, for example, you are saving on every procedure and every single vet visit, no matter how small!

If you’re faced with a costly emergency, you want to be prepared with great pet insurance. Give your little one the long, happy, and healthy life he deserves!

Our Personal Favorite Pet Insurance would have to be. Pet Assure Pet Insurance!

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