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Tomlyn Laxatone Catnip Flavor (4.25 oz)


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Tomlyn Laxatone Catnip Flavor Treat your cat to a lifetime of digestive health with the help of Tomlyn Laxatone. Laxatone has been used around the world for over twenty-five years; it has a reputation that you and your cat can count on. Digestive health today and tomorrow this easy-to-use gel helps prevent the mess and hassle of hairballs and eases the passage of hair through your cat’s digestive system. Bathing and brushing does much to remove excess hair and Laxatone gel dose the rest. Simply give ½ teaspoon to your cat 2-3 times a week between meals. Do not mix the gel with food. Benefits: The standard for hairball remedies for over 35 ears Gentle but effective lubricant for the elimination and prevention of hairballs Helps eliminate hairball in the litter box rather thatn create a mess on the floor Many flavors cats [email protected] Maple (original), Catnip, Tuna 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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