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Thomas Pet Breed Heat Powder (16 oz)


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Breed Heat is an herbal-based supplement designed to help regulate hormones and bring female animals into normal heat cycles. The liver-flavored formula contains a variety of ingredients that help support the reproductive health of female dogs and cats as they prepare for breeding. Maca helps support proper metabolic rates, as well as cognitive, cardiovascular, and reproductive functions. Research has shown that it may help stimulate the maturation of ovarian follicles. Dong quai and wild yam roots help promote female hormone balance to support normal heat cycles. Chaste tree helps restore and regulate the female estrogen-progesterone balance. Thomas Pet Tip: Switch female dogs to Bitch Pills prenatal supplement once bred and continue through weaning. Irregular heat cycles happen. Female dogs and cats can experience split heats, prolonged heats, silent heats, and absent heats. Heat cycle abnormalities can be perplexing and frustrating. That?s where Breed Heat from Thomas Pet comes in. Key Benefits: Supports the reproduction process in dogs and cats Promotes the balance of hormones Regulates heat cycles Uses time-tested herbal ingredients


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