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Thomas Pet Bitch Pills Powder (12 oz)


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Bitch Pills is a prenatal vitamin supplement that supports the female dog prior to breeding and throughout pregnancy, nursing, and weaning. It delivers vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients essential for a healthy pregnancy and newborn development. This dog prenatal supplement supports the overall health of moms, plus it contains folic acid, iron, zinc, and DHA to support the development and function of the brain, central nervous tissue, and vision in puppies. It will keep your dog fully fit and ready to bring new joys into your world. This liver-flavored supplement also contains fennel seed to help support milk production. Utilizing this as a postnatal lactation formula, Bitch Pills will also help your new mom provide the highest quality milk possible to her new litter of puppies. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder why your first choice would be Bitch Pills from Thomas Pet. Key Benefits: Prenatal Vitamin Supplement That Supports the Female Dog Delivers Nutrients Essential for a Healthy Pregnancy Helps Support the Needs of Developing Puppies Contains Fennel Seed to Help Support Milk Production How It Works Bitch Pills are a broad-spectrum prenatal pill for dogs. They provide essential nutrients during lactation and pregnancy, supporting the female from pre-heat to post-birth. They are formulated to meet the needs of developing puppies.


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