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PetSTEP Portable Pet Ramp


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Key to life-long joint health for active dogs of all ages, PetSTEP Pet Ramps prevent stress related injuries that can occur when pets jump down onto front legs. PetSTEP Pet Ramps also offer compassionate assistance to rehabilitating and senior pets as well as those with special needs such as arthritis, dysplasia, weight issues, or travel reluctance.Lightweight and portable, these versatile ramps have a non-slip surface with rubber ridges for a secure grip even in wet conditions. Unlike abrasive sandpaper, PetSTEPs paw-friendly texture will not wear down, delaminate or scratch you, your pet or your vehicle. PetSTEP Training Tips:Some dogs will take to the PetSTEP immediately. For those that don’t, we suggest you put the ramp flat on the ground & walk your dog over it (a reward placed on the ramp also helps, or you might try feeding him or her on the ramp once or twice). When you raise the ramp, your pet’s favorite treat placed towards the top of the ramp also works the first time.The first time up the ramp, take your dog by the collar & lead him to the reward. You’ll only need to do this once or twice. It is important to take your dog for a ride after he has successfully entered the vehicle.


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