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Petstages Dogwood Stick – Small


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The Petstages Dogwood Stick combines natural wood with non-toxic synthetic material to create the perfect chew toy for your pup. The natural wood component of the stick creates a pleasant aroma that entices dogs to chew for extended periods and the synthetic component creates durability that prevents the risk of splintering associated with real sticks. The Petstages Dogwood Stick supports healthy teeth and gums with a texture that may help scrape away plaque and tartar as your pooch chews. This stick is a small size that is ideal for petite dogs, but the toy is available in larger sizes as well. Get your dog a chew and fetch toy that won?t disappoint- grab a Dogwood Stick today! Key Features: Natural and synthetic ingredients create an enticing, durable and non-toxic chew toy Supports healthy teeth and gums with a texture that scrapes away plaque and tartar Floats in water for pooltime fun


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