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Petsport Fling Thing – Assorted


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Petsport Fling Thing is the premium fetch solution for dog owners who need assistance throwing a fetch toy for their dogs that fetch for hours on end. The Fling Thing takes the standard PetSport Tuff Ball and attached a braided rope handle to make it easy to add distance to your throws and separating you from any saliva that might cover the ball. The handle also makes it a perfect toy for games of tug-of-war with your canine companion. The Fling Thing’s tuff ball is made from extra thick rubber to allow for extra durability and create a bigger bounce. Furthermore, the ball and rope are non abrasive, though the braided rope can work to scrape away plaque and tartar while your dog bites and chews it. Petsport Fling is great for games of fetch or tug of war with a single dog, but for households with multiple dogs, check out the Petsport Tug Max. Your dog will love playing with the Petsport Fling Thing, so order it for your dog today! Key Features: Braided rope is good for your dog’s dental health Extra rubber makes Tuff Ball durable and bouncy Rope handle allows for further throws and separation from a slimy ball


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