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PetSafe Remote Trainer – FOR BIG DOGS (OVER 40 lbs.)


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PetSafe Deluxe Remote Trainer is a great tool for obedience training and stopping unwanted behavior. You can communicate with your dog in a range of up to 100 yards using the enclosed hand-held transmitter to signal the enclosed receiver, which you place on your pet’s collar. Transmitter Specs: Reciever Collar Specs: Height: 6 ” Height: 1″, Width: 2.5″ , Depth: 1.25″ Width: 1.5 ” Weight: 3.6 oz Depth: 1 “, weight: 3.5 oz Antenna running through strap Frequency: 303.825 Light on side Correction dial on face Power push button Red light on face Red Light serves as low battery indicator Pop off battery cover and belt clip on back Battery life of up to 30 days Features: Before first use, you must program the Receiver Collar to the Transmitter by turning the Receiver Collar on, setting the Transmitter dial to level 1, and pressing the two buttons on the Transmitter at the same time while holding the Receiver Collar and Transmitter 1-5 feet apart Temporary safety shut off occurs when a button has been held down for 5 seconds or longer (will reset when button is released) Light will flash on Receiver Collar once every four (4) seconds to indicate low battery Will retain program memory if batteries die or if they are removed For pets OVER 40 pounds 10 levels of stimulation plus tone-only button 100 yard range Waterproof Receiver, water resistant Transmitter Receiver uses two (2) 3-volt CR2032 batteries; Transmitter uses a 9-volt alkaline battery (both included) PetSafe Deluxe Remote Trainer Manual: Download PDF HERE You probably do not have the Flash Player installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on the server!


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