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Petlinks Mix n’ Scratch Ramp


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Petlinks Mix n’ Scratch Ramp is the perfect solution to focus your cat’s scratching away from furniture while still satisfying their natural instincts. This uniquely shaped scratching surface is cleverly constructed of two separate parts to keep your cat’s interest and ensure that the product lasts a long time. The ramp is composed of a smooth wooden ramp with velcro fixed to its surface that allows for the attachment of mats with a variety of textures that cats love to scratch. Petlinks Mix n’ Scratch Ramp is built to be strong and stable to hold up against the sharpest of claws and hold any scratch surface in place. This product also comes with premium catnip to be sprinkled across your cat’s intricately woven scratch surface to further excite your cat. Your cat will love this amazing scratch ramp- so order today! Key Features:


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