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PetLac Powder for Puppies (10.5 oz)


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PetLac Powder for Puppies is a milk substitute for puppies that don’t have access to a gestating mother or puppies that are weaning. The supplement is also ideal for relieving some of the burden of nursing from post-natal dogs. The powder includes a variety of nutrients and microorganisms to promote health in puppies. Among its benefits is that it makes for a great source of protein for growing dogs that need protein in abundance. PetLac Powder for Puppies contains only the highest nutritional valued milk proteins. This means that it also contains no soy proteins or other elements which may upset your kittens stomach or be difficult to digest. It’s also easy to use requiring only that you mix with water and use a feeding bottle. The powder comes in two sizes, this 10.5 oz size and a 5 lb size. Order PetLac Powder for your puppies today! Key Features: Milk substitute that is easy to use Great source of protein and contains microorganisms Comes in 10.5 oz and 5 lb sizes


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