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Adopting a new puppy brings new excitement, joy, and unfortunately, research. Research for training, temperament, and ultimately, products for your puppy. Do you need a collar? What size? How about a teething ring? It turns out that shopping for a new puppy can quickly go from joy to headache.Luckily, we’ve created the comprehensive New Dog Bundle to solve this very problem. It is the perfect solution that covers all the core necessities you will need for your new dog (without all the thinking).Key Benefits Complete bundle with all items needed for a new dog Items curated by the EntirelyPets staff specifically for new dog owners Additional savings over individually priced items What?s Included LED Collar: The collar is the first item every dog should have. This collar gives enhanced visibility during night time walks (if you want). Reflective Leash: A sturdy leash with a reflective design for further night time visibility. Slow-Feeding Bowl: All dogs love eating food quickly. Build healthy eating habits by having your pup eat slower. Non-Slip Water Bowl: This water bowl holds 2.5 cups of water and doesn?t slide when your pup drinks. Scented Training Pads: Make potty training a breeze with this pad?s attractive scent. It also prevents leaking & run-off. N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring: Your puppy will have teething pain and this all-natural teething ring helps relieve it.


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