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Navel-Guard (1 Gallon)


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VetOne Navel Guard is an effective, fast acting, navel dip for newborn animals as an alternative to 7% Iodine. Used for rapid drying of the navel, Navel Guard is broad spectrum, passing the FDA?s USP Antimicrobial Testing. Manufactured under FDA GMP regulations, Navel Guard is safe, iodine free, non-toxic, and non-hazardous while reducing pain for the animal. Eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable, Navel Guard uses all FDA approved or FDA GRAS ingredients while remaining competitively priced without hazardous shipping charges. Navel Guard has been field tested against ?no-dipping,? the lower range of Iodines and the gold standard of 7% Iodine. Against ?no-dipping? and low Iodine levels, Navel Guard had 53% less infections. Compared to 7% Iodine, Navel Guard had 36% less infections, proving superior effectiveness over the industry standard.


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