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Kyjen Halloween Squeaker Mats – Dracula


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Kyjen Halloween Squeaker Mats are adorable plush squeaker mats intended to keep a dog excited and mentally stimulated for a long time. Dogs crave mental stimulation as much as physical stimulation, and dogs that don’t get enough play time will often act out in unpredictable ways. Pet owners that don’t want to come home to torn up couch pillows will find these Halloween squeaker mats a festive way to pamper their pet. These squeaker mats have multiple squeakers sewn into their lining so that the fun never stops, and the stitching ensures that these durable squeakers will not shift around. This toy is ideal for those that have dogs that destroy squeak toys, because there are a total of eight squeak toys sewn in. The cute little Dracula image adds additional fun, and the plush construction is not only durable but it also encourages your dog to have fun without potentially injuring themselves. The squeak toys offer just enough resistance to remain a challenge, and the plush is fun for them to either play tug with or to swing around. Key Features: The durable plush construction of this toy is safe for dogs and allows them to fulfill their need to chew. The eight squeakers sewn into the fabric of this toy allows dogs to experience fun even if they often destroy squeakers. The length of this toy enables it to be used for multiple types of play: it can be thrown for fetching and grabbed for tugging.


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