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Howard Power Leash (Assorted)


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The Howard Power Leash is ideal for long walks with larger dogs that love to pull and small, obedient dogs alike. This unique leash features a standard clip for attaching to collars attached to a thick, elastic rope that reduces the force exerted by pulling dogs and holds up against dogs that like to chew on their leash. The Howard Power Leash also features an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold. The handle also features a convenient container for holding your dog’s waste bags, and even includes a roll for your convenience. You’ll love how effective this leash is for even the strongest most excitable of dogs- so why wait any longer? Order Now! Key Features: Durable, stretchy rope leash provides durability and control Ergonomic handle makes it easy to maintain control Handle includes waste bag storage container with removable rubber top for easy replacement Includes 20 high quality waste bags


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