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FURminator Waterless deshedding Shampoo & Conditioner for Cats (8 oz)


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FURminator Waterless deShedding shampoo & conditioner for cats helps eliminate odor and reduce excess shedding without bathing. Enriched with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids with vitamins and proteins to help promote a healthier skin, shiny topcoat, and reduce excessive shedding Helps eliminate odor and leaves a fresh, clean scent Convenient way to clean and reduce shedding between baths Coconut-based cleaning system lifts and attaches to dirt, allergens, and loose fur allowing for easy removal with the FURminator deShedding Tool Non-drying, hypoallergenic formulation helps remove undercoat and loose hair and strengthen hair shafts Renourishes and revitalizes the hair shafts prolonging the growth cycle and reduces shedding to a more natural process Contains: Coconut based cleaners, glycerin, hydrolyzed collagen protein, safflower oil, omega 3 fatty acids, omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin E Directions: Spray generously on to pet’s coat. Brush or rub in and towel dry. For best results, dry pet’s coat completely, then use the FURminator deShedding Tool to remove dirt, debris, and loose undercoat. No wetting or rinsing is necessary. Can be used as a spot treatment or to cleanse the entire coat.


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