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EZ-CHEW Calming Support for Dogs (60 soft chews)


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EZ-CHEW Calming Support for Dogs is a palatable treat made to calm anxious dogs and provide relief from stressful situations. If you are traveling with your dog or having unfamiliar guests in the house then you might be putting your dog in a stressful situation. Anxious dogs can bark unnecessarily, be hyperactive, hide from others, urinate in an inappropriate location, or act aggressively towards others. These treats provide relief from the stress that causes these undesirable behaviors. EZ-CHEW Calming Support contains highly potent ingredients that are all natural, including L-tryptophan and chamomile. These treats also feature a palatable hickory smoked flavor to make dispensation of the supplements as easy as feeding your dog a treat. For more calming treats, check out Bonies Calming Treats which also clean your dog’s teeth and gums as he eats. Your dog will love these treats and you’ll love the way they calm your dog- so order today! Key Features: Contains all natural ingredients at highly effective dosage Palatable hickory flavor Contains 60 soft chews


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