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Eaze-Off Spray (50 ml)


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Eaze-Off Spray is a convenient way to remove bandages and tape from your pet without causing your pet pain or discomfort. If you’ve ever ripped off a band-aid, you know how much removing a bandage can sting- especially when it’s attached to a hairy surface. To aid with the removal of adhesive strips and bandages, Eaze-off reduces the trauma and pain that might be caused by bandage removal. Eaze-Off Spray is skin friendly and does not cause stinging or leave residue behind when used. Additionally, the spray is non toxic to esnure that it in no way endangers your pet when working to destabilize the adhesive properties of bandages or medical tapes. Eaze-Off is a unique solution to easily remove bandages from your pet, so order it for your pet’s first aid kit today! Key Features: Non toxic, non-sting and residue-free Helps ease removal of bandage and reduce pain Spray cannister with 1.69 fl oz.


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