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Earthbath Dental Wipes (25 count)


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Earthbath Tooth and Gum Dental Wipes offer an easy way to remove plaque and tartar from your pet’s mouth and eliminate the odor-causing bacteria behind bad breath. These natural wipes are safe for daily use on kittens, puppies, cats and dogs as they contain neither alcohol nor parabens. These wipes can be used as a supplement to normal brushing and routine maintenance to fight dental diseases and keep his breath fresh. Earthbath Tooth and Gum Dental Wipes are easy to use and leave your pet smiling with minty fresh breath and sparkling white teeth. This container comes with 25 dental wipes and is made here in the United States. These wipes will kill bacteria that threaten your pet’s dental health, so order them for your pet today! Key Features: Remove plaque and tartar Kills odor-causing bacteria Comes with 25 wipes


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