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DermaZoo DermaFlush (24 packet)


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DermaZoo DermaFlush is a convenient way to ensure that saline solution is always available in case your pet needs medical treatment. These premixed packets can be added to water to form a saline flush that is perfect for sterlizing minor wounds or treating infected ears. The mixture is also formulated to be pH balanced and free of drugs and iodine. DermaZoo Dermaflush is ideal for treating small, exotic, and large animals. In addition to treating wounds and infections, the saline flush formed by this mixture is perfect for cleaning out sinuses or caring for sites of recent external surgeries. You’ll love the convenience offered by DermaFlush, so order now! Key Features: Soothing, pH balanced formula Contains no preservatives, iodine, drugs For small, sexotic & large animal practice


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