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Choco Nose Classic Water Feeder Bottle (13.5 oz)


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The Choco Nose Classic Water Feeder Bottle provides the perfect hydration solution for your pet’s cage or kennel. This water bottle features a patented leak-proof nozzle that makes it easy for your pet to drink while preventing spills. The top of the bottle can also be opened so it can be refilled with ease. The Choco Nose Classic Water Feeder Bottle features two points of attachment so that it can be secured to any cage or kennel without issue. In addition to a simple screw cap that presses the bottle against the side of any cage, the secondary bracket allows it to hang securely over the appropriate cross-wire. Provide any caged pet easy access to water with a bottle that won’t make a mess and order the Classic Water Feeder today! Key Features: Patented leak-proof nozzle keeps home clean and tidy Easy-open top makes refilling bottle simple Two brackets for screw mount to sides of cages or hang mount to cross-wire of cages


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