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Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowl 1 Cup – Assorted


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When traveling with a pet, particularly a larger dog, it can be a bit difficult to bring the standard equipment. Balls, bowls, toys and supplies don’t necessarily fold flat in a suitcase or in the back of the car. However, with the Bamboo Silicone Travel Bowl, at least the serving dish can be flattened for compact storage. The Bamboo Bowl is designed to collapse into a dish, about 1 inch thick. However, it can still be expanded to a full size bowl capable of holding a full meal for a hungry pet. The silicone is sealed and can hold both dry food as well as water and liquids. Produced in assorted colors, a pet owner could get two or more for color coded meal preparation for a pet while on the road. The Bamboo Travel Bowl is made from plastics and silicone that are FDA compliant. Additionally, the materials used are free of BPA chemicals that can leach into food or plastics and potentially be carcinogenic. Further, the bowl can be washed as well as placed inside a dishwasher as long as it is on the top row. In summary, the major features of the Bamboo Travel Bowl include: Easy collapsing feature that makes the Bowl a whiz to pack and store. Durable silicone material that won’t leak. Comes in different colors for easy color-coding of meals. Easy to clean and dry.


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