First Aid for Dogs

First Aid for Dogs


Start by organizing a First Aid Kit for dogs. Include such items as a thermometer, ice packs, gloves, towels, meat flavored baby foods, tweezers, scissors, peroxide, and alcohol wipes. A small toolbox works nicely for keeping all the items together in one place.  Under the cover, write your name, address, phone number, and the vet’s name and number in case you lose the first aid kit for dogs.

For bleeding

When it comes to bleeding, first aid for dogs would be as follows:

Apply direct pressure until bleeding stops. Apply Styptic powder or pencil. And hold for at least ten minutes and if needed, and then finally bandage the wound.

For burns

When it comes to burns, first aid for dogs would be as follows:

Including chemical, electrical, or heat, you will see swelling, redness of the skin, and blistering.  Run the wound under plenty of cool water. Ice the injured part for twenty minutes. Make sure to wrap the ice pack in a towel first. Call your vet immediately.


When it comes to diarrhea, first aid for dogs would be as follows:

Take food away for twelve to twenty-four hours, or replace kibble with white rice and canned pumpkin. Be sure to offer water so the dog does not get dehydrated. Some animals that look constipated are actually sore from diarrhea. If the puppy doesn’t improve, call the vet.


When it comes to Heatstrokes, first aid for dogs would be as follows:

Heatstroke can be quite scary. You will see rapid or difficulty breathing, vomiting, high body temperature, and weakness. Run cool, NOT COLD, water over the animal. Wrap the pup in a cool wet towel. Give the pup/dog a couple of minutes to see if you can bring the temp down. Take the dog’s temperature- if the temp is 103+ degrees, call the vet immediately. You will likely need to rush them in for help!

Fractured Limb

When it comes to fractured limbs, first aid for dogs would be as follows:

If you think the dog has fractured a limb, call the vet immediately. Look for bleeding wounds and signs of shock. DO NOT try to set fracture yourself, you could do more damage without being aware of it.  Transport animal to vet and support limb as gently as you can.

Bite Wounds

When it comes to bite wounds, first aid for dogs would be as follows:

If your pup sustains bite wounds from another animal, you must avoid getting bitten. Even non-biting dogs will bite when in pain.  Clean the wound with saline and wrap with gauze to keep clean.  If bleeding profusely, apply pressure. Don’t ever use a tourniquet. Make sure to wear gloves because you don’t know the extent of the contamination. If serious, or unable to control the bleeding, rush to your vet!

The above is a very brief first aid for dog’s how-to and should only be administered for minor injuries and illnesses.

You should ALWAYS consult your vet! Below is a very helpful and convenient way to be prepared!

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