Feeding Gruel to Puppies: When to Start and When to Stop

Feeding gruel to puppies when to start when to stop

When the puppies reach a certain age, they will not get enough milk from their mother according to their needs, and as a dog owner, it is up to you to decide whether it is the right time to wean them or not. At some point, mothers also decide that puppies can now eat solid food. The mother will offer less milk for many reasons, and this is the best time to divert your puppy to the gruel.

What is gruel?

The first solid food puppies should eat is known as gruel. Gruel is made from dry dog food, water, amd other supplements that is easy to eat. The gruel is fed as a supplement to mother’s milk, and its quantity is increased more frequently until the puppies are fully weaned and no longer need to suckle.

It’s not rocket science to make puppy gruel; you just mix milk formula, warm water, and dry kibble. If you want to feed natural things like chicken or beef gruel, then use finely grinds meat. In the beginning, you need to let the kibble soak into the food to soften it.  For the puppies first week, alot of breeders place the pups on a mush diet which is made with kibble and very warm water! Some breeders add other ingredients as well. The key to making gruel is the blender! These ingredients are all put into a blender until it is the substance of pudding.

When to start and when to stop gruel feeding?

We suggest you have multiple puppy feeding bowls, some puppy training pads to lie down under the bowls, and a good blender-just for making mush and gruel! The puppies WILL make a mess and using disposable training pads will help with cleanup!


Feeding with gruel begins at the age of three to four weeks, and the transition phase will last from 7 to 8 weeks. Mush is gradually introduced to the puppies, and its consistency increases every week until your pup begins to feed on dry food. For some breeds this can be as early as 6 weeks.

Puppy gruel help puppies to ease the transition from weaning to very soft food. The gruel covers all the basic aspects of the nutritional need of the puppies since it includes all the necessary minerals and vitamins. The gruel contains more wet ingredients, and its consistency is more liquid. After the first week, the amount of liquid in the gruel decreases, and its thicker version gruel is formed.

How often to feed gruel to puppies?

The basic question that most owners ask is how often to feed gruel to puppies. At the beginning of the transition, a younger puppy, if he eats properly, should be fed 3 to 4 meals a day. If they start to give up food, 2-3 meals are enough for the day.

With each week of growth, begin to decrease the milk or water content and make its consistency thicker. This will help prepare them for a dry food at the end of the weaning process.

However, feeding the gruel depends on the age of the puppy and how it is growing and developing. Always make sure you don’t over or underfeed your dog. You should weigh your puppy multiple times each week to make sure he/she is gaining enough weight!

If you want to create your own gruel formula, make sure it contains all the essential ingredients because it is the foundation of your puppy’s diet. Other than that, knowing when to feed and when not to feed is also important because it can break down or make a successful transition.


the 2 best transition foods to get your pup on a dry food diet would be gruel and mush. It is necessary for your puppy because it will help him transition to dry kibble. You just have to select the right time with the right food.


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