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I foster, adopt, and rehome senior dogs. There is something about those sweet silver muzzles that goes straight to my heart. I have four senior dogs in my home right now, sleeping all around me. They are all crashed out and snoring as I type.



There is a little 14 year-old-Cairn terrier that was rehomed to me when he had cancer. I have a 14-year-old Beagle-basset hound mix who I adopted about 18 months ago. His owners surrendered him because they could no longer care for him. There is a big, white American Staffordshire terrier who is roughly 10-years-old. He was running stray and brought to the shelter. That one was a complete foster fail; I was fostering him and fell head over heels for the big guy. Finally, there is an eleven-year-old Aussie Shepard mix that I just took in a few days ago. Her owner passed away, and I am fostering her until I find her a new forever home.



These dogs, and the ones that came before, and all the ones that will come after, are why I use One of them needs food that helps control dental tarter, another needs food to help with his kidney disease, and of course, I need food for seniors. And then there are the treats. I need treats for training and treats for pills, and of course, long-lasting treats for helping during crate training. Oh, and did I mention that one is allergic to chicken?



Yes, I could shop at local stores. But I need such specialized items. And when the pandemic hit, the last thing I wanted to do was try to navigate an in-person store. I love the website because I can research the products, check customer reviews, and look at all the ingredients before I purchase. They keep track of everything I order and make it so simple to reorder something I need again.



I am also so grateful to Chewy for their auto-ship program. Since March, when the world turned upside down due to COVID 19, managing my schedule has been difficult. I’m working from home and somehow busier than ever. I’ve been actively looking for companies that make my life easier. Chewy is one of the best. I can set my auto-ship to include all the dog food and treats I need, and it arrives every month.



During the spring, when shipping was delayed, Chewy even reached out to let me know that orders were taking longer than expected. They would send me an email to make sure that my auto-ship items arrived precisely when I needed them. That means that I never ran out, and I’ve never had to keep tons of food on hand. It comes just when I need it. That you get a discount on auto-shipped items just makes it all the better. And unlike some companies, I haven’t found a product I needed that I couldn’t add to their auto-ship program.



And of course, being a dog foster, I talk to a lot of other dog owners. There is a community of dog lovers that work together to place as many dogs in loving homes as we can. We share tips for the best harnesses, dog beds, and nail trimmers. And all of us use Chewy. Yes, there are other online pet retailers, but the staff at Chewy go out of their way to provide excellent customer service. That isn’t something you get at many online pet stores. But every pet owner I know loves Chewy. I’ve had friends call them in a panic needing a special harness for a recently disabled dog, and their staff went above and beyond. They send birthday cards and sympathy cards. The team at Chewy makes you feel like you are part of the family.



The other thing that makes me loyal to them? They put a lot of thought into small details that are important to me. For example, they try to ship as much into each box as possible to reduce cardboard usage. Does this make for heavy boxes? You bet! So, they have designed their boxes with extra sturdy handles so I can pick up a box containing 65 pounds of dog food, and not worry that it is going to break.



I have a little gift that I give new dog owners. I am fond of giving a bag of Fruitables Pumpkin, and Cranberry treats ( to new dog owners as a “welcome to your new family member” gift. They smell good, the dogs love them, they are appropriate for most sized dogs, and they are low calorie. I always tell them to add these to their first auto-ship order; they won’t regret it!


Please do not forget, if you are a first time ‘auto-shipper’ you get 30% off your first order, then you save one each order when it is ‘auto-shipped’!


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